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Our homes are built with pride and care and most of all they are built to suit your needs.

Our Homes and Case Studes

We care before during and AFTER we build your home.

Below are just a few stories

A Personal Commitment
When Stephanie and Jason were ready to build their dream home, they needed the right combination of a perfect property and a builder willing to create the home they envisioned. They achieved both when they discovered Hidden Paradise, a Sal Paone Builders six-lot, cul-de-sac community in Perkiomenville, Pa. Each four-to-six acre property features towering trees and beautiful vistas. But it was the personal commitment of Sal Paone, Jr., that impressed the couple the most. "Sal was involved from day one," noted Stephanie. "In our very first conversation, he worked hard to understand our vision for our home, the way we live, how we entertain, and what is important to us. He really cared about getting it right. Sal was very thorough and detail oriented." Sal's personal commitment to his homebuyers went one step further when Stephanie and Jason ran into an inspection issue related to the sale of their existing home. "I called Sal late one evening on his cell phone," said Stephanie. "He went out of his way to put my worries at ease and offer assistance. The next day, he reached out to his team and got me the answers I needed. It turned out that my home was built to code at the time of construction, so the issue was not an issue at all. Sal was a huge help. He went above and beyond."

The Quality Goes On and On
Seven years ago, when Alan and Marilyn made the decision to buy at Walnut Hill, they did so because of the Paone reputation for quality. "Every day, we appreciate the care that was taken in constructing our home," notes Alan. "We love the craftsmanship of the woodwork, trim, moldings and other details." But, what pleases him even more now that nearly a decade has gone by, is the ongoing Paone commitment to quality and buyer satisfaction. "Nothing falls apart in this house. But, if I have a concern about anything, Sal Paone is there. I know I can call anytime and get a response. He stands by their product, even years after the sale."

More Options, More Choices
At 62, Anthony and his wife, Eileen, were looking to move from a large single home, to something smaller, but still spacious. Being in the building business himself, Anthony was aware of the reputation of Sal Paone Builders. "I'd been watching their growth for years," he notes. "When we were ready to make our move, a Paone home was what we wanted." The couple purchased a carriage home in Cold Point Village. But their choice was not based only on reputation. "Paone offers more options and more choices in upgrades, amenities and customization than other builders," says Anthony. "And, they include the latest technologies in their home designs. Along with superior construction quality, we are extremely happy with our home and the whole buying experience."

Love at First Sight
One look. One house. One great reputation. That's all it took for Richard and Debbie to buy the sample end-unit carriage house at Cold Point Manor. The couple wanted to make a move away from the maintenance of their current single family home, but weren't necessarily looking to downsize. Aware of the Sal Paone Builder reputation for quality, the couple looked at a Paone community first. "When I walked into the Cold Point Manor sample, I knew instantly that it was perfect. The size, the finish, the detailing, even the decorating style, was exactly what we were looking for. I bought it on the spot. Even better, the Paone real estate agent who sold us the sample, also sold our existing home - to the very first buyer." The icing on the cake? "Sal Paone, Jr., called me personally to thank us for buying one of his homes," says Richard. "What other builder does that?"

Beyond Semi-Custom
When some builders offer a home as "semi-custom," the level of customization is often limited. That's not the experience Eric and Elizabeth had when they purchased their single-family Sal Paone Builders home at Cold Point Farm. "Our ideas for our home's interior went beyond the 'semi' custom template," notes Eric. "We wanted to alter the flow of the first floor, eliminating walls, doing away with a formal living room and just opening up the kitchen, dining room and great room area to create a wonderfully spacious living area. Sal Paone, Jr., sat down and worked through the plans with us, and assured us that whatever we wanted, he could make it happen." Currently in the pre-construction planning and selection phase, Eric notes that they are still doing lots of tweaking to create a home that is exactly what they want. "It's been a great process," he says. "We knew Paone had a great reputation and they have met all of our expectations."

Family Room
Space for visiting family and grandchildren, a very social adult community, a great location, and the Sal Paone Builders reputation all combined to convince Stuart and Carol to buy their gorgeous single home at the Paone 55+ community, Walnut Hill. But, it's the special touches and custom features that make living in their home so enjoyable. "This is a larger home that what we previously owned," notes Carol. "Our plan was to live on one level, and have the upper level available for when family visited. We requested a lot of extras for the interior - including crown molding, extra trim and vaulted ceilings --- and they are all perfectly done. We even had Paone create a wine cellar in our basement. It's a wonderful home and we love everything about it."